The Arkley — Outside Inside Out

Completed in 2002, Outside Inside OutThe Arkley was commissioned by MAB Corporation as a part of the Artist Program for the newly released Docklands precinct. Conceived as a tribute to the late Howard Arkley (1958-1999) the super-graphic adorns the west face of the Arkley Building. The design is 46 meters in width, six storeys in height and runs the expanse of the podium level carpark of the Tower. Resisting the temptation to expand upon the colourful and iconic work of Arkley, Outside Inside Out is a typographic play using the titles of Arkleys prolific career. The titles of many of Arkleys paintings were playful and within a new residential development, joyfully ironic. Using the relatively new ‘picture perf’ process, the typographic design pushed the production process to its limits as we looked to create a balance between legibility and visual interest. The type layering was applied across three tonal layers. The naturally finished aluminium reflects the western sunlight, with the perforated typography providing a gritty backdrop to the Docklands streetscapes. Clear designed the typeface Exterior for the project. The stencil typeface design was inspired by spray paint stencil culture that was also emerging within Melbourne at the time.