University of Melbourne — Melbourne Masterclasses

Engaged by Melbourne University Faculty of Arts, Clear was asked to define the visual language of the Melbourne MasterClass lecture series. The Melbourne Masterclasses are designed to offer enriching and engaging learning experiences with our most celebrated academics and visiting scholars from around the world. The design solution was found in the markings and notes typically associated with study. This insight was uncovered during the Brand Genesis process when we interrogated the audience most likely to sign up for the lecture series. The audience defined was active in the learning space, educated and thirsty for knowledge. They were interested in the detail and happy to read and be engaged. Adopting and evolving these ephemeral scratchings we created a unique visual language for the lecture series using typography and symbols. A series of icons reflected the themes of the series and the use of fluro markers created hierarchy and emphasis. A style guide was then developed for the in-house Melbourne University studio to implement.