Brompton is about celebrating life and all it can be. The brand vision aims to bring our neighbourly community together through inspired on-site activation and creative expression. A welcome change from its competitors, Brompton is fun, captivating, warm and real. Through an ongoing partnership with UK illustrator Celyn Brazier, we created an iconic, colourful utopia based on our vision and brand story. The brand and story have evolved as the site progresses, and Brompton is now a living, breathing community.

The brand campaign was rolled out across print, digital and an on-site experience featuring murals, video installation and a display suite gallery. The Brompton site has played host to many events and activations since the brand’s initial launch, from small gatherings for residents to meet—to the epic music and arts festival ‘Brompton Fields’.

Creative collaboration with photographers, videographers, illustrators, visual artists, musicians—and most importantly, our client, Wolfdene—have only strengthened the Brompton brand experience and it is now the most successful and popular development in the South East.

Clear Brompton Fields2
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