Phoenix is a new neighbourhood located within Alarah, an established community in Cranbourne West. Phoenix is designed for smart living through efficient design. It considers each moment, from when your alarm goes off in the morning to that last cup of tea before bed. And everything life involves in between. The brand is aimed at the buyer looking to make the most of the local amenity and smart design options in these townhomes.

Our brand is led by an elegant, contemporary wordmark paired with a rising gradient in a restrained colour palette. Our story of Phoenix is told through a photographic day-in-the-life series, produced in collaboration with Albert Comper. This series documents a day from start to finish, making a hero of those enjoyable moments in life we sometimes forget to celebrate: taking the dog out for a morning stroll, enjoying a quiet coffee, playing a casual game of basketball, or catching up with a friend over lunch after the weekly shop.

Clear Design Phoenix Adshell 2
Clear Design Phoenix Marketing 2
Clear Design Phoenix Tote 2
Clear Design Phoenix Artdirection11
Clear Design Phoenix Artdirection9
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