Yirramboi is Clear’s newest brand and campaign with the Creative Director of Australia’s premier First Nations Festival, Boonwurrung and Wemba Wemba Woman, Caroline Martin and the City of Melbourne. Yirramboi means ‘tomorrow’ in the shared local languages of the Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung peoples.

The Festival celebrates all generations of First Nations artists, performers delivering 14 unique arts commissions and presenting 300 creatives and performances across Melbourne over eleven days in May. Clear first engaged with Yirramboi amid Melbournes Stage Two lockdown. During multiple remote facilitated brand workshops and passionate conversations, the project team aimed to deliver an influential, courageous festival with branding to reflect the teams’ ambition and optimism to celebrate the promise of tomorrow.

The brand is crafted on atmospheric photography, capturing the drama of nature. The seductive, warm colour palette was derived from a series of sunsets over Melbourne during the long Covid lockdown, and the ‘chevron’ or ‘arrow’ graphic informed by First Peoples pattern making found in Victoria. The wordmark Yirramboi uses a reflected ‘Tomorrow’ to form the block lockup.

Together these elements create an evocative campaign—unlike anything in market—and are designed to deliver a long term design narrative for the Festival.

Yirramboi Casestudy 3
Yirramboi Casestudy 4

‘It’s no easy feat to stand on the shoulders of giants and carry on a legacy of over 4,000 generations of culture, art, and storytelling… and drive this tradition into the future.’
Caroline Martin

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