For 20 years, we’ve partnered with thought-leaders, change-makers and risk-takers, bringing their brands to life through design narratives that engage minds, inspire compassion and change behaviours. Our creative is fearless. Our processes, finely honed. Our pursuit of innovation, constant. Passionate. Purposeful. We are Clear.

Idea driven. Detail obsessed. Endlessly curious. We are a studio of damn good storytellers. Through strategy and insight, form and colour, type and scale, image and texture, word and sound, interaction and immersion, we craft brand narratives that leverage the full potential of every method and medium involved in their expression.

Start-ups. Universities. Pharma and technology. Fashion labels. Architects. Property developers. Cultural institutions. Government. Not-for-profit. Clear continues to work across multiple sectors, contexts and continents. Creating new brands. Elevating existing. Reinvigorating the tired, or neglected.

Matthew McCarthy

Matthew lives for that moment when an idea begins to form, and the adrenaline rush of needing to write it down instantly, lest it fade from memory. An incurable optimist, he also values the fullness of time, and the opportunity it provides for design projects to be thoroughly explored and formalised. Time in the saddle is his other great passion; one that saw him follow the 2014 Tour de France from the alps all the way to Paris.


Dayna Stiles
Senior Designer

Along with her funny accent and penchant for patting strangers’ dogs, Dayna brings to the studio a decade of experience across the arts, architecture, property and education. A conceptual thinker with extensive knowledge of brand, print, publication, digital and spatial design, she is at her happiest when talking shop with other creatives, ideally while drinking copious amounts of chai.

Emily Breakell
Senior Designer

When Emily says beauty born of simplicity is the key to powerful communication, she speaks from experience: 11 years of it, to be exact… and counting. Sufficiently inspired by a career in design to leave the idyllic countryside of England’s Lake District, Emily’s expertise in arts and culture sector brand identity is a perfect fit for Clear. Her interest in knitting, a little less so maybe.

Laura Vigilante
Design Manager

How would Clear manage without Laura? A multi-talented, design savvy multi-tasker, she combines a creative spirit with the efficiency of a process engineer, and the print, digital and video knowledge of a veteran producer. Results oriented during business hours, her focus away the studio is on making—illustration and writing, primarily—and pursuing interests that range from art and science, to comics and culture.


Zoe Hu

A nature-loving multidisciplinary designer with a passion for motion graphics, Zoe derives great joy from creating order out of chaos. When not drawing upon her lifelong obsession with art, design and visual culture to produce beautiful, memorable work, she is likely to be found hiking, playing piano or queuing early for concerts to get front row seats.


Our process is simple

1 — Listen

Over a coffee or bite to eat, we can chat about your wants, needs and aspirations, capabilities and constraints. We focus on the here and now, but may peer over the horizon to take in some blue sky.

2 — Explore

Context is everything, but even more so for a brand. We deep dive into your organisation, industry, audiences, markets, and competitors, then distil our learnings to fashion the principles and brand promise on which yours will be built.

3 — Create

We craft a comprehensive suite of design elements to express your brand narrative consistently and memorably, independent of media. Not once, twice. Your preference of the two, is the one we refine and resolve.

4 — Apply

We devise and project manage a scope of works to achieve your communication objectives. Fanatical quality assurance ensures the impact of the story we craft, is delivered faultlessly across each application.

Who we support

DesignToUnite is a social awareness campaign initiated by Clear, which challenged creatives to call for solidarity with Australia’s First Peoples. We invited creative professionals, students and the general public to submit poster designs using the word ‘Unite’, to make a stand against racial discrimination, and for unity. The project attracted significant attention, with 170 design creatives contributing over 350 submissions. Nine designs were selected by the panel representatives to lead the media campaign. The ‘Unite’ campaign went live for two weeks, coinciding with the Reconciliation week and the RAP council meeting at Uluru. A special thank you to Recognise, Reconciliation Australia, Dentsu Mitchell, oOh!Media, AGDA, Diadem, Creative Victoria and Nique for their support and involvement in this project.