IMAX Melbourne

IMAX Melbourne is home to a cinematic community. Fans of epic films can get together to celebrate the emotion of seeing that next big feature on the world’s largest cinema screen. Celebrating 20 years of IMAX at the Melbourne Museum, we created a brand campaign as BIG as the screen itself. Using bold, colourful typography, we utilised our animated eye motif (a throwback to the early IMAX brand) to personify those scenes that make you laugh, cry, scream and jump.

Leading with a fun social media campaign, Clear also designed an immersive pre-show announcement video for the theatre screen. The brand led IMAX Melbourne’s film and brand communications for its entire 20th year. The 20 years brand was even extended into IMAX film marketing, utilising our animated typography and playful tone of voice.

Expressive, bold, innovative is what the IMAX brand is about. And following the success of our brand campaign, we ditched the generic taglines in favour of expressive, emotive typographic designs that showcase the programming unique to IMAX from a human perspective. Visualised and experienced on-site, online, through EDM and social, but also an accompanying outdoor campaign to celebrate the summer holidays.

Clear IMAX 20 Years Blades
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