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Clear acknowledges the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work.

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Welcome back to the Isolation Diaries, our weekly round-up of the things that bring us joy, keep us creatively motivated and help us unwind. Got a suggestion, or want to be featured? Let us know.

The Isolation Diaries v35 Reading

After the year we’ve had, it’s nice to have something positive to look forward to… The holidays. A time for relaxing, eating, and sharing. Need help with gift-buying? The NY Times has you covered with the ultimate holiday gift guide, and a ‘practical’ healthy gift guide. We’re diving into the works of Catherine Opie, to gain new perspectives on places, people, and self-expression. We’re also inspired by Melbourne photographer Nicole England’s Resident Dog, where she profiles 25 of the most amazing houses in the world, and the dogs who reside there.

The Isolation Diaries v35 Watching

Michael Jordan to the Max opens this month at IMAX, celebrating its 20th anniversary. Originally shot in full-frame 1570, it’s been digitally reformatted and is sure to be epic. Our at-home movie night programming includes Motherless Brooklyn, a neo-noir with an incredible cast—including Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin. The romantic dark comedy tale of two teen psychopaths returned with season two this year, and we were pretty excited. Far too easy to binge, we’re a bit sad it’s over. So we’re not really sure whether to just start it again.

The Isolation Diaries v35 Making

Good Housekeeping is giving us some ideas for homemade ornaments for this holiday season, who wouldn’t want their home to smell of cinnamon and pine? We’re making Tiramisu, a delicious crowd-pleaser of a dessert, and the perfect thing to impress everyone at your family events. Why not double up on the coffee this year? We recommend bringing out the cocktail shakers and serving up some Espresso Martinis. We generally follow the Jamie Oliver recipe, but this classic has plenty of variations so you can customise to your heart’s desire.

The Isolation Diaries v35 Listening

We’re enjoying Little Dragon’s 2020 release New Me, Same Us, and also created the perfect setlist, should they ever be able to perform in Melbourne again (hint). We’re on a journey through the best of Shep Pettibone, starting with this Mastermix playlist featuring Prince, Madonna, New Order, and more. Ever wondered about superheroes and how possible their existence really is? The Biology of Superheroes is a podcast that unmasks these heroes and explores just where science meets fiction.

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