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Welcome to the October volume of the Isolation Diaries, our bi-monthly round-up of things that keep us creatively motivated. In this Volume, we interviewed Paris Thomson, Founder and Art Director of Sirap.

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We’ve squinted, we’ve relaxed our eyes, looked through and beyond the screen to find ‘The hidden history of the magic eye’. It’s eye strain nostalgia at its most pleasing. With every calendar week allocated on every worthy cause, Fat Bear Week has tracked Otis and his successful expansion of 2021 as he prepares for hibernation. ‘Nina Simone’s Gum’ by Warren Ellis reveals the unexpected finds that inspire a movement. Our friends at Sneaker Freaker have dropped Soled Out—900 vintage adverts sourced from the golden age of sneakers. Keep your laces loose!

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So much to watch and so much time.
Free Guy with our fave Taika Waititi as Antoine is worth checking out. Ryan Reynolds ultra ego—Dude brilliant, and real-life gamers Pokimane, give the film cred. Four stars. We are all over Squid Game, with the entire series digested in a marathon sitting last weekend. We are all over it like a cross-face by Bryan Danielson in All Elite Wrestling. And for every wonder you may have, there is an answer on Vox.

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This week we’re travelling to Spain via our dinner plates with hot chicken and chorizo Paella. And to go with an evening cuppa, we’ve tried our hand at making the world’s most easy cinnamon rolls. What could go wrong? And, in unrelated ‘making’ news, we are booked to learn CPR.

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After his epic AFL grand final appearance, we track Baker Boy and the rise of his star. We have both types of music, Kacey Musgraves’ Country and western ‘Star-Crossed’, and keeping the farm super calm; we get lost in the woods with Indie Folk relax-evue. Tim—berrr.

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Clear had just started collaborating with Paris Thomson—Sirap in the months leading to our latest snap lockdown. With our project on ice—until the restrictions are eased—we thought we would check in on our friend.

The pandemic has stalled the travel industry.
If you could freely travel the world, where would you go?

I would be twirling linguine vongole in one hand, with a glass of Vermentino in the other, soon to dive off the rock face of the Amalfi Coast into the crystal blue Tyrrhenian Sea. The Italian way of life, particularly in the summer, is something my husband and I have come to take to—with ease!

Which artist or designer inspires you the most?

James Turrell’s works intoxicate me. The interplay between the natural environment and his sculptural works creates a magical dance as the light shifts. These optical illusions challenge my perspective and feed into our lens at SIRAP.

Clear Website The Isolation Diaries Volume 51 Interview Turrell

Which musical artist is on high rotation at the moment?

The romance is vinyl, but the reality is playlists. Music creates such escapism for me; I grew up watching my grandparents perform in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and it has forever been a big part of my world. In challenging times—with little geographical escape—we travel through music; Stan Getz, Astrid Gilberto and Bossacucanova are on high rotation between bouts of Moloko and Wham!

What are you reading and watching at the moment?

Re-watching Succession.
Reading Simon Sinek—The Infinite Game.

What do you see to be the emerging trend of 2021?

Hopefully flexibility, gratitude and compassion.

Has the pandemic changed the way you structure your working day?

My workdays and weeks were always different from the next as we worked around capturing different light, people and projects. I am fully supportive of quality, not quantity. Providing as much flexibility to our team of twelve; we love our work, but it’s important to ensure it allows us to love our life, too!

What project has you up late at night?

I’m working on launching another business. Stay tuned!

Clear Paris Thomas Desk 122642

What is the view from your desk?

A rare moment of calm.

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