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Welcome to the end of October volume of the Isolation Diaries, our bi-monthly round-up of things that keep us creatively motivated. Bring on 80% vaccine rate, and there will be no more isolation. Unless, of course, you are enjoying the sounds of silence.

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AIGA’s Eye On Design has curated an extensive site on Design + Literature + Art + Mental Health + Gender. There is a plus-load to explore. The Return of the Shadowman follows a stealth artist from Seattle busy replicating Richard Hambleton’s art throughout Manhattan. Questlove’s new book Music Is History moves fluidly from the personal to the political to find the hidden music connections in the rich American tapestry.

Can you dig.

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It started innocently enough, the rogue balloon looking lost and lonely after the party was well and truly over… before BalloonBall burst onto the scene and deliver the first-ever Balloon World Cup. PERÚ VS ALEMANIA and there is not a translation insight. Danger rating 9/10.

Talking of draws, Ted Lasso is so binge-worthy. Maybe it’s for the older viewer, with a sophisticated sense of humour, or perhaps it’s not for everyone. It has made a lot of people feel happy, feel good about themselves and that has to be a great thing.

On the other side of the line is The Guilty, an ominous and suspenseful, slightly terrifying thriller. And speaking of terrifying, Clear has voted on our Top Five horror films.

Sinister: Directed by Scott Derrickson.
Pet Sematary (1989): Starring the Ramones
Hereditary: Starring Australia’s own Toni Collette
Shaun of the Dead: A romantic comedy, with zombies
The Shining: Here’s Johnny.

Please email your faves and we will add them to our list.

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Yes, back with some Covid irony, this 31st of October will be a super freakshow. To get in the spirit, we have mixed up a bit of Evil Dead, followed by a Bloody Mary Syringe chaser and topped with a Witchs Potion. For mains, we are serving eyeball pasta, baked pumpkin fondue, and for deserts, meringue ghosts, or you can graze the cheeseboard with creepy crackers.

No, Sir, the bat is definitely off the menu.

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Catch Warren Ellis waxing lyrical about Nina Simone’s Gum. Discover the best of a little known band from Liverpool with a very on-trend name, and chill to the ghoulish sounds of Halloween.

And of course there is the ultimate Halloween song of all time… Thriller

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