The ReviewBoard is an incorporated not-for-profit cultural real-time digital publishing platform. It is committed to Australian art and culture through honest, diverse, and considered discourse in the written word. Via commissions and open submissions, The Review Board invites critical and thoughtful reviews of Australian artworks.

Together with The ReviewBoard team, Clear developed the brand strategy and designed the brand identity. The identity comes to life through the website and a marketing campaign.

To bring focus to the words, the brand is deliberately typographic, with a distinctive use of character-filled typefaces. This provides rich textures on the screen and, importantly, an energetic foundation for the reviews.

The website successfully couples interface design functionality with the grit and texture of print, creating a familiar and identifiable experience for both wordsmiths and readers.

The use of the grid provides a simple structure and formality, leading to a sense of curated openness and accessibility. This allows the audience to engage with each review.

Selective use of colour provides a juxtaposition to the vividness of Australian art, allowing the brand to feel refined whilst highlight the real heroes here, the art, and the artists.

The ReviewBoard fosters deep thinking and elevates the discipline of critical art writing. It is a platform that publishes real-time independent reviews by a wide circle of writers. As this circle grows with time, The ReviewBoard will become a knowledge bank for critics, readers, enthusiasts, and artists alike to meet, freely. Void of advertorials and marketing jargon, the space created is pure, backed only by supporters with a real interest in the arts.

Clear has created a brand identity, website, and a supporting campaign that altogether acknowledges the printed words of the past while creating a digital place for words on art to live, today and tomorrow. This puts The ReviewBoard front and centre in the evolution away from printed media, a significant role in the future of critical appraisal of Australia’s art.


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Clear Design The Reviewboard B Cards
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