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Welcome to the November volume of the Isolation Diaries, our bi-monthly round-up of things that keep us creatively motivated and filling us with the fresh air we all need to breathe.

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Spare some climate change?

Greta might be right; all we seem to be hearing is the inconvenient excuse. So we have done our research, checked the definitions, and are reading up on the latest from COP26.

In need of some personal change? Atomic Habits by James Clear, would have us believe real change comes from the compounding effect of hundreds of small decisions.

Design changer—Heatherwick Studio has created this bespoke ten-sided ‘kinetic’ glasshouse for WoolBeding Gardens, UK. The glasshouse opens and closes just like a flower.

Beautiful design will save this planet.

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ChocTop anyone?

Visits to cinemas are back. Angelina, Kit and Harry shine in Eternals, and our friends at IMAX have it captured in high-resolution IMAX-certified cameras and are showing it in 3D.

We are finding inspiration in the monster colour works of Stephanie Lüning thanks to the Kikk Festival, Belgium. And we snack on the best of NY bagels with Hailey Beiber’s—Who’s in my Bathroom starring Alex (Not Alice) Cooper.

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With the shine possibly fading on the expectations of COP 26 we are making plans to go regional, head back to one of our favourite places, donate to our friend Joost at Future Food Systems, and have made plans to ride2work—even if we are still working from home.

Ah, COVID… you complex beast.

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Released to coincide with COP26, Midnight Oil have released a real burner with Rising Seas. It’s no Power And The Passion, but hey, that was a long, long time ago.

Now that we can… going shopping in the real is not all-that-bad. On Saturday, we experienced MUJI and post visit we found their playlists created in 2001.

Get that small but precious feeling right at home.

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